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Trade-In Your RV at RV Roadway in Opelika and Calera, AL

We Pay Top-Dollar for RV Trade-Ins

At RV Roadway, we are the top new and used RV dealership in Opelika and Calera, Alabama. We're home to one of the largest and most diverse inventories of new RVSs and used RVs for sale. We are also the top RV trade-in center in Alabama. We specialize in paying top-dollar for well-kept campers, fifth-wheels, tent trailers, toy haulers, travel trailers, and RVs. And we make trading your RV as easy as 1, 2, 3! Get started now by completing the form below.

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How Much Is My RV Trade-in Worth?

The RV Roadway recreational vehicle trade-in program ensures you receive fair market value for your vehicle. In the process, we will consider an array of factors to determine the value of your RV. We leverage state-of-the-art technology and various guides to assess the maximum retail value of your RV. Then, we will evaluate the physical condition of your RV to ensure we offer you the best price.

Does RV Roadway Accept All Types of RV Trade-Ins?

At RV Roadways, we accept all types of RV trade-ins, including:

  • Class A RV Trade-ins
  • Class B RV Trade-ins
  • Class C RV Trade-ins Fifth Wheel
  • Trade-ins Travel Trailer Trade-ins
  • And more

Simply put, we love trade-ins at RV Roadways. We know the care you've had for your RV and the miles of joy it's provided you and your family. We also know while it may not be ideal for you anymore, it's the perfect match for someone else looking for a high-quality used RV. Because of this, we will work to get you the most for your RV

Trading Your RV at RV Roadway Is Faster

When you attempt to sell your RV privately, you'll have to:

  1. List it in multiple publications.
  2. Field calls from various suitors who may or may not be qualified
  1. Meet with potential buyers and allow them to examine and test drive your RV
  2. Allow potential buyers to have your RV inspected by their mechanic.

After the buyer has done their due diligence, the negotiations will start, which includes going back and forth several times over price—even if your asking price is fair. Privately selling your RV is a long and arduous process. Instead of spending months selling privately, RV Roadway has created a much easier and streamlined process. You complete the form, we assess the condition of your RV, and we offer you fair value. Then, the assessed value is used to reduce the purchase price of your new RV.

Save Money When You Trade Your RV in

While most buyers assume they will receive more money by selling their RV privately, this isn't always the case. Most buyers overlook the cost of the time spent selling their RV privately and the potential tax savings, which can be significant when you trade in. By trading in your RV at RV Roadway, we will reduce your selling price by the trade-in value, which lowers the amount financed and slashes your tax bill—significantly. You'll only pay Alabama sales tax on the difference between the trade-in value and the price of your new RV!

Contact RV Roadway to Save Time and Money on RV Trade-Ins

Don't deal with the hassle of privately selling your RV! Save time and money at RV Roadways. We are a family-owned business committed to creating a world-class RV buying experience at every turn, empowering you to take life on the road! Contact us today!